Spirit of Yoga is about cultivating an inner awareness that permeates your being, not only on the mat,
but in your daily life as well. This website is for you to gain an appreciation for the healing arts and
how they can enhance your life and well being.

My passion for this path grows stronger as I open to the many gifts it has to offer me, I hope to offer
you the same benefits by practicing yoga and meditation and giving yourself the gift of self nurturance.

The Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower has long been a symbol for the unfolding of spirituality and of the meshing of our human
and Divine natures. There is a quote from the Budda "May you live like the Lotus at home in the muddied waters."

This quote reminds us that we can be in the world but not be adversely affected by it. The Lotus seed is born
in the muddy waters, however,the flower blossoms by drawing energy from within, and reaching up toward the light
as it blossoms into its innate beauty.

The flower can teach us that even though life can be challenging at times, clarity can always emerge from our
spirit if the Divine Light guides us- even if its only one tiny Lotus blossom at a time.

Namaste, Bonnie
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